Marriage Allowance

You may remember that a Marriage Allowance was introduced in 2015 which means that one half of a married couple can transfer part of their tax-free allowance to the other, providing one partner is earning £11,000 or less, and the other is paying only Basic Rate Tax.

If this sounds like your situation, then by applying for the Marriage Allowance via HMRC’s website you could save £220 this year. However, you can also claim for last year, meaning a total maximum rebate of £432 in this year. It may not be much, but it’s better that the money is in your bank than in theirs, and the extra may be of use through the coming festive season.

Less than a quarter of people who are eligible have actually applied for this allowance, even though it takes only five minutes. If you are interested, the application can be accessed via the link below: