Brexit or no Brexit?

And so June has arrived! It seems so long ago we were told there would be a referendum in June on our EU membership, but it is now upon us!

We hope that by now you have all done some research and are ready to have your say. I must say, however, that it is difficult to determine hard facts amongst the constant political rivalry of the “he said, she said” that is rife across the tabloids. Rather than giving people the information they need to make an informed decision, the politicians seem to be focusing on one-upmanship. Not like them at all!

We have our own views on how you should vote, but this is not the place to share them or to try to convince you, other than to say vote on the facts, not with your heart.

Facts are hard to find, but probably the best place is the BBC website, which seems to be well balanced with decent information. Also an  interesting alternative view for the liberal case to leave can be found Adam Smith Institute* website.


Adam Smith Institute

Another wise council to us noted this question; If you were considering joining the EU as it stands today, would you? Then vote accordingly. Whatever the outcome once the votes are counted we will all be in (or out of it) together.  ν

* The Adam Smith Institute ….“ The Institute was founded in the 1970s, as post-war socialism reached its high-watermark. Then, as now, its purpose was to educate the public about free markets and economic policy, and to inject sound ideas into the public debate.

It has always been a practical think tank rather than an academic organization, and despite its strict political independence, it has endeavoured to work with policymakers to deliver real change, and to make free market ideas reality. In its early days, the Institute was known for its pioneering work on privatization, deregulation, and tax reform, and for its advocacy of internal markets in healthcare and education. Today, it is known as one of Britain’s leading think tanks, and for its emphasis on using free markets to end poverty