A negative start to 2017…

… And we’re not talking about investments. 

Since the New Year began, there seems to be a multitude of reports about how people are more unhappy than ever before. I know that many people will have the ‘New Year blues’ but I don’t see how they can say that people are at their most unhappy.

The fact that the media are using polls to gather their information does not bode well. If we look back over last year at the resounding failure of polls to predict accurately, how can we place our trust in them again? Their failures last year proved their inaccuracy and unreliability, and showed how we may have come to rely on them too much for our information. It doesn’t help that polls are mostly commissioned by companies or institutions pushing their own agenda to get prime position on TV.

My advice is to ignore what the polls say! 2017 will be as happy as you each individually make it, and I can see it being a great year!