Mortgage protection – Keeping the roof over your family’s heads

Most of us have things on our ‘to do’ list that never quite get done. Recent research from Royal London shows that 20% of fulltime working people recognise they need income protection, but haven’t got around to taking out a policy. Added to that, the same report shows that 42% of people with a mortgage don’t have life cover in place either1

If you need convincing that you really should put some type of protection in place, ask yourself this question – if you were unable to work because of an accident or illness, or worse still to die, how much money would your familyhave to live on? Your salary would stop, but the household bills would keep coming in. A payout from a policy could make a big difference to how your family would be able to cope financially at a difficult time, and help keep a roof over their heads.

Policies that match your needs

When people think about protection insurance, they typically think about a traditional life policy that can protect for a specified number of years or for a whole lifetime, and pays out a lump sum on the death of the policyholder. But nowadays there are many other types of policy that can also have a major part to play in protecting your family against risks like accident, illness and unemployment.

If you’ve been put off buying cover because there are many different types available, we can recommend a cost-effective policy that would protect you and your family’s lifestyle if the unexpected were to happen.

1 Royal London, 2018