The future is only as far away as tomorrow

The future doesn’t seem to be on the mind of the younger generation – or “millennials” as they now insist on calling themselves. “Millennials” are people under the age of 35, and it seems that they are much more interested in getting out in the world and enjoying themselves than they are in squirrelling away some of their hard-earned money for the future.

It is definitely more difficult to focus on retirement at 65 or 70 when you are 35 than when you are 55, as it just seems so far away … but it’s not. And it’s not only their retirement that this generation needs to be thinking about – what about getting on the property ladder, having children or even travelling the world? All of these things require savings, assuming you don’t have an unlimited credit card.

So next time you try, and fail, to have that chat with your kids about saving for the future and how they should think about putting some money away, maybe instead give them our details and tell them that we could help. Or, if you really want to give them a push, give us their details and we will contact them for you.

If you really don’t think that will help, you could always give them a helping hand and start saving for them. If you have an existing portfolio that is managed through us, we can set up a designated account for your children at no extra charge and you can put as much or as little as you wish aside for their future, on their behalf.